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ChinaLets us open up China for you, our extensive contacts in the country mean we can offer you group and bespoke tours that will allow you to experience and learn far more than you could alone.

Five Star Rajasthan – Tour & Workshop

Private Photography Course, Workshop and Amazing & Tour In India’s Amazing Rajasthan Province– Taught By Jonathan Taylor personally. We use 2 guides, four by four luxury transport and all hotels are four to five star accommodation. Also, you are taught by one of the best photographers and tutors in Asia, Jonathan Taylor personally.

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Northern Laos Group Tour 27th of April 2015

Group Photography Tour & Workshops 27th of April until the 1st of May 2015: Study Photography and master your camera in beautiful Northern Laos. Expert Photographer Jonathan Taylor uses his expert knowledge of the region and its people to not only improve your photography dramatically. He has lived in the region for over 23 years and is fluent in Thai & Lao. This is a small group workshop, three to five students ONLY. So your study will be flexible and experience more. You can learn at your own pace and have personalised study objectives, no matter your present skill level or the type of photography you wish to focus on. A balance will be made between your wish to become a better photographer but also experience one of the most amazing areas in the world. – See more at:

Just Along The Mekong

In preparation for my Luangprabang, Northern Laos, Photography Workshop & Tour, I have been looking at some of my older photographs from the region. One of my favourite in Southeast Asia. Not only can you get amazing photographs, the people are also really friendly and welcoming.

Just Of The Banks Of The Majestic Mekong

Just Of The Banks Of The Majestic Mekong Photo: Jonathan Taylor

Luangprabang: Workshop & Tour

Luangprabang: 1st to the 5th March Workshop & Tour: I am heading back to one of my favourite parts of Southeast Asia again at the beginning of March 2015 to run a small group workshop and tour from Luangprabang in Northern Laos. I simple love this World Heritage protected town and its lush mountainous surrounds. I have been visiting here for several years now and have great contacts in the area. My forma students have experienced and photographed a traditional Mon House exorcism, nothing that scary actually but a little bizarre. A hill-tribe doctor administering to a women who just gave birth. The last day of the rice harvest on the top of a high hill, surrounded by amazing lush rice paddies and jungle. The fact I can speak to the locals is a huge plus for me and my students too. If they have a heavy regional dialect I have my trusted mini-van driver Thong La, who is fluent in many of the local hill tribe dialects. Plus his Thai is perfect. I also regularly use the same river boat captain, who knows my students and I want to visit the less travelled parts along the Mekong, a splendid day out, not only for photography but as an experience too.

Even though I must have visited the place over 20 times it still excites me to be heading back there as every trip has been different. I am also always so touched by the warmth of the locals I meet and the generosity of spirit they have. The picture below was taken at one of the villages I have visited on a similar workshop, reached by boat only, on the banks of Mekong.

A mother gives her baby a haircut and feed at the same time. Luangprabang, Northern Laos Tour.

A mother gives her baby a haircut and feed at the same time. Luangprabang, Northern Laos Tour.

Yunnan Tour Still Place Available

Small Group Workshop & Tour: Yunnan China, small group Photography, Class, Course & Workshop, lead by master photographer Jonathan Taylor personally. From the 1st to the 6th of February 2015. Places limited to five students only. 

This is a small group workshop. The numbers are limited to five people only. The fee is $1500 USD per person, including accommodation and transport, while in China. This includes minivans, car hire. A fixer and translator plus my personal tuition and critique. 

Day 01 & 02 Explore Kunming, it famous traditional Chinese Streets. The amazing Flower & Bird Market. The street entertainment around The Green Lake each evening. 

Day 03
You will be taken around Dali Old Town, then head of to the hills to visit farming villages, Gong and Lao Hei are well known in the area and you will be shown different farmers homes, their land and be welcome to photograph the locals as they work. For lunch you eat in a farmhouse restaurant, they will spread out a whole option of traditional food on the table for you to choose from. Most farmers around Dali Town are from the ethnic group known as Pai. Many still wear their traditional costumes as they work. The village centres normally have a thriving mid-day market to photograph. The village elders sit together and have fascinating faces and are totally open to being photographed. In the evening you head back to the guest house in Dali Old Town for photography critique.

Day 04
Today you head for a fishing community on the Dali Lake, here the local fisher-people use Cormorant Birds to fish with. The birds are tied to fishing boats, they then fly off to catch fish and bring their catches back to the boat for collection. You will ride in a boat following the events, great for photography and an amazing experience. For lunch you again eat with the locals, of course fresh fish is very popular in many of the dishes. Critique again takes place in the evening back at the guesthouse.

Day 05
Today you take a four wheel drive to visit a Yi Tribe Village, far up into the mountains in the centre of Yunnan Province. The journey takes around four hours but is well worth the time spent. The landscapes you drive through are simple stunning. Rice Paddy dotted mountains, ethnic hill-tribe people and villages dotted along the way. Your destination is the beautiful Yi Village called Wanopu set in the Nanjian mountain range. You will have plenty of time for photography. At night you get to stay with the locals in a Home-Stay environment. All your comfort arranged and again great company to chat too before heading off to sleep. You can chat with the locals with Gong acting as translator. A real insight into a world so very far apart from your own.

Day 06
In the morning you will be taken to watch the Yi at work in the fields, their farming methods little changed for centuries. Fantastic photography opportunities await, farmers using oxen as plough pullers. Hand harvesting methods, where the locals start at dawn and work to dusk. Mid afternoon you return to the guesthouse in Dali for a Tour Photography critique.

Day 07
Return to Kunming for a final critique and look round this most beautiful of cities.

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Please still available

Please still available

Kompong Pluk, Stilted Village

Took another student to Kompong Pluk last week, what a beautiful place for photography. Set on the Tonle Sap Lake, friendly people great scenery. The same student went to Phnom Pehn and Battambang. Each place has its merits and different things to photograph. One of my favourites is a Vietnamese village over the river from Phnom Pehn.

Cambodian workshops and tour, from Phnom Pehn to Battambang and beyond.

Cambodian workshops and tour, from Phnom Pehn to Battambang and beyond.

5 Day Food Photography Course

When the chef Rachael Nimenko first approached me about a 5 Day Studio Photography Course, at my Siem Reap Studio, concentrating on Food Photography for her upcoming book she didn’t even own a camera. I gave her my recommendations of the camera and lighting equipment she needed and where buy them. She wanted to use the least equipment needed to still be able to produce beautiful images. We used one speed-light and reflectors, plus natural light.

The lesson went like this:

Day 01, lesson 1 – actually how to take the lens cap off, change lenses and onwards.

Until Day 05 I hardly gave instruction but acted as her assistant, with the odd extra tip. Please see the attached images as I am very proud of her progress and wish her all the very best with her upcoming book, which I know will now look great!

Congratulations Rachael, it was a delight teaching you.

Noodles, natural light and reflectors.

Noodles, natural light and reflectors.

Speed Light at the back plus reflectors.

Speed Light at the back plus reflectors.

Speed Light - plus reflectors.

Speed Light – plus reflectors.


Phsa Lua Market Siem Reap

From 6am this classic Cambodian wet market really starts to get going. Live snakes can be brought, fascinating Cambodia faces to portrait around ever nook and cranny. A really great place to take student’s who want to learn People, Street, Portrait Photography. Come see the place with me for a one-to-one Intensive Photography lesson – details here CAMBODIA

Phsa Lua Market Siem Reap

Phsa Lua Market Siem Reap

Photography School Asia – Siem Reap

Jonathan Taylor runs the Siem Reap branch of our Photography School and is now using the beautiful 1961 Co-Working Art Space as it’s base. They have small classrooms for one-to-one sessions Photography Lessons, larger rooms for workshops. A great Art Gallery and you will meet some like minded people their whose passion for the arts matches ours.

1961 Co-Working Space For Photographers, Artist & Designers. Copyright 1961 all rights reserved.

1961 Co-Working Space For Photographers, Artist & Designers.
Copyright 1961 all rights reserved.

Check out their website for further details 1961